What specifically have you achieved or are doing differently as a direct result of the coaching?

Drinking 1 smoothie and eating 1 salad every day. This was a huge step that was actually not hard at all for me to start doing, but I just needed the push. The extra inspiration is always, always appreciated. I’ve made some really positive changes because of you!

How has this program helped you be a better mother?

Maura drinks some of the smoothies I make, so that’s a very direct and tangible result! Also, I know that the healthy examples I set will be so important as my girls grow up, so I’m proud of the work I’m doing for me and my family.

What would you tell someone that may be on the fence about signing up for this program?

Even if they think they know it all about nutrition/healthy eating (I’d put myself in the know-it-all category!) you will absolutely gain inspiration and accountability by signing up for the program. We all need constant reminder. I made changes that I knew how to make all along - but I didn’t do them before I had a little peer pressure to do so.
— Emily S
I feel like the last 3 months have really helped me realize how unhealthy my lifestyle actually was. Ive started becoming more active and eating healthier than I ever have. I now know more about how to better myself in those aspects and, also, with sleep, stress and enjoying life. I’m gad I was able to take this program to help me better myself for the future.

Lisa is someone who really wants you to succeed but wants you to do it in your own way. She won’t force you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with and will help you make your own decisions to be healthier. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking for motivation to become healthier. She will help you jump start your life to becoming the way you’ve always wished you could be.
— Leah E
Lisa is an amazing health coach and wonderful friend! When Lisa reached out to me this past summer about my lifestyle, fitness and nutrition goals, she gave me the extra kick in the butt I needed before my November 2016 wedding. I had been working out on my own for over a year and “sweating for the wedding” but struggled with the nutrition piece for a balanced, healthy lifestyle. I wasn’t seeing the full results I wanted. After joining Lisa’s team I had extra motivation, support, and a clear vision of who I wanted to be (as a bride to be and a future wife!) Most importantly, through Lisa I have learned it’s not enough (or healthy) to complete a crash diet or leave out food groups. Even a little wine and champagne is okay, but all with portion control! It is so important to have goals to reach-short term and long term-but as a newly married bride I know “sweating for the wedding” (and shaping my arms for a strapless dress-yes now I like push ups!) was a short term goal, and long term I want to be the best me I can be. My wedding day was truly perfect and I felt amazing is my dress. I am so glad I had a supportive coach to lead me through an individualized bridal boot camp. Lisa truly knows what she’s talking about, she lives what she coaches, and cares so much about all of her friends and clients! Thank you!
— Nicole B