Happiness & Your Body

Does anyone else still use a desk calendar? You know, those daily calendars that you used to buy for fun with cute sayings or funny jokes? Well I have one that my fiancé gave to me sitting on my office desk. It contains daily tips, sayings or actions for happiness. I forgot to rip of Monday's today until just now and as I read today's tip, I thought it would be a really good one to share with everyone. So here it is.

Sleep is a key to good health and happiness. We've all read about how to get better sleep-no caffeine, no screens etc.- but here are some strategies that you may not have considered:
1. Give yourself a specific bedtime. Most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep every night, so take a look at your wake-up time, and do the math.
2. Don't wait until you feel sleepy to think, "Hey, maybe it's time for bed." It's all too easy to keep yourself alert. If you insist that you're wide awake at 1:00am, test yourself: sit in a dim room with your head back for five minutes. Are you still wide awake?
3. Get ready for bed well ahead of time. Perversely, sometimes were too tired to face the bedtime tasks of washing up, brushing teeth, changing into pjs, etc. by getting ready earlier in the evening, its easier to head to bed when the time comes. 

There it was folks. Short, sweet and to the point. Well I am off to get ready for bed ahead of time. 

Goodnight world! Chat soon.



Lisa Catherine