Food and Mental Health

I had the privilege to sit down with the owner and founder of The Wildflower Chef, Emily Scott, the other day. The Wildflower Chef offers a solution for anyone in Chester County who is ready to take back their time while taking their health and diet into their own hands by offering organic meal delivery. It was a pleasure to speak with someone who shares the same passion about healthy eating and living as I do. I wanted to share an article written by Emily about how food relates to your mental health. 

Food and Mental Health

By Chef Emily Scott, The Wildflower Chef

Food is more than just something that keeps us alive. It is personal, complicated, and unfortunately, it can often cause anxiety. For many of us, we grew up thinking that "dieting" is a normal way of life, and that our bodies aren't good enough unless we're carefully controlling portions and chomping on celery 24/7. 

You might even be one of those people whose guilt spirals out of control after one splurge... "I ate a chocolate chip cookie, I guess I'll eat an entire bag of chips now." There's no denying it: How we eat plays a direct role in how we feel, act, and live our lives.

So, how do we make food a POSITIVE experience? At The Wildflower Chef, we believe that an honest, no-cheats, no excuses approach to food is the answer. Learn about the ingredients you buy, understand how they are grown, and make the ethical and responsible choice with that information. Purchase organic ingredients because it matters! Think about the individual ingredients that go into the foods you eat, and decide if they are going to have a positive or negative effect in your body.

When food becomes less about calories and serving sizes, and more about what you are getting (nutrients and antioxidants vs. fat grams and sugar), it is easier to make the decision that you know will benefit you most. Trust the quality of the food you eat, and suddenly your relationship with it becomes honest and true.



I hope you enjoyed getting to know The Wildflower Chef a little more and the work that she does, I know I did. Keep a lookout for The Wildflower Chef and Lisa Catherine Coaching as we hope to team up in the future and offer services packed with healthy options for you to live the healthiest and happiest life you can.



Lisa Catherine


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