Tricks to Get Into a Workout Routine

Routines. They seem to be something that everyone wants but nobody can get into. Why does it seem that the bad routines are always the ones that stick with us and the good routines go right out the window? Well let's try and flip that around! Getting into a routine may be difficult at first but after awhile it will become second nature, like brushing your teeth in the morning (I sure hope you do). 

Exercise is SOO important but too many people just "don't have time for it". My biggest tip for anyone that wants to live a healthy lifestyle (and yes, exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle) is to actually put it in your calendar! Yes, you heard me. Add time for your exercise in your calendar. You don't put off a work meeting or luncheon do you? So why put off exercise. It's even more important!

Okay with that being said, once you have put your exercise in your calendar, what are some ways to help motivate you to actually get up and exercise? Here are a few ways:

1. Lay Your Clothes Out The Night Before

One thing that helps me is to lay my workout clothes out the night before if I plan on working out in the morning. That way I just roll out of bed, throw on my clothes, and go. I don't even have to be awake. I wake up during my workout. Morning workouts are fantastic because your brain doesn't have time to come up with excuses :) 

2. Participate In A Group Challenge

Group challenges are a fantastic way to start a routine. You have a set workout to do that day and you have to do it! Challenge yourself! It's a fun game and I guarantee you will enjoy it.

3. Focus On The Present

Sometime we syke ourselves out before we even start our workout. "AH I have to run 8 miles today!" or "I can't do cardio AND weights today, I am just too tired". Sometimes we syke ourselves out so much that we just decide not to do the workout. DON'T DO THAT! Instead, focus on running 1 mile and see how you feel. Push yourself to the next 1/4 mile and so on. Instead of focusing how much you don't want to go to the gym for an hour. Tell yourself you are only going to go for 20 mins. More times than not you will end up staying for that hour. Don't freak yourself out. Start small. 

4. Find A Buddy

Working out with a friend is the best! I just went to the gym last night purely to catch up with an old friend haha. It was fantastic! We biked for 45 minutes and just chatted and caught up the entire time. Find a buddy that enjoys doing the same things you do and you both can motivate each other to get moving!


So those are my tips for this week. I hope they help you start getting into a workout routine. Soon enough it will be as routine as brushing your teeth :) 


Lisa Catherine