Exercise CHALLENGE:)

How many of you hate to exercise? Do you absolutely dread going to the gym every day? If so, why do you do it? Is it just to “stay healthy”? Is it to remain at the healthy weight you are at now? What is the reason that you force yourself to do an exercise that you dislike?

Post run picture:)

I ran my first half marathon last October and have been on a running high ever since. I love it! I never dread going for a run and if I do than I know something is wrong and I listen to my body. Exercise should be fun! Yes, exercise is crucial in order to live a healthy life but if you don’t enjoy the exercise that you are doing, is it worth the unhappiness?

I always say that there are HUNDREDS of ways to exercise! It doesn’t have to be going on a treadmill or elliptical every day! I HATE being indoors and I know many people that feel the same way. I very rarely do cardio inside. I would rather take a run, walk, skip, jump, ANYTHING outside rather than be inside, especially on a beautiful day! So if so many people feel the same way, why force yourself to do it??

I challenge each one of you to pick an exercise that you have NEVER done before and try it this week. It can be yoga, running, kayaking, kickboxing, paddle boarding, tai chi, ANYTHING! If you don’t like it, try something else new and keep going. I guarantee there is an exercise out there that you will fall in love with. Even if you already have an exercise that you enjoy, still try something new!


Let me know how you do!

Happy Exercising!