Lisa's Secret to Stress Relief

I know I have been talking a lot about stress relief but this is also a very stressful time of year! I know that it should be the season of love and gratitude but it never fails that in between the love and gratitude, that evil stress demon takes over. So what is MY secret ingredient for a stress- less life/ holiday season? Well, it may seem very simple but my secret is... wait for it... lavender!

WHAT?! Lavender?! No way!

Yes, lavender! That is my secret to stress relief. Scientific studies have proven that lavender has health benefits including stress and anxiety relief, lowering pulse rates, reducing depression and improving insomnia. I swear by this stuff, people! 

Here are some simple ways to incorporate lavender into your daily routine whether you feel stressed or you just want a little calmness added to your day.

1. Lavender essential oil. Keep a small bottle on hand! Keep it in your purse or in your desk. Whenever you feel the need, open it up and rub a little on your temples, giving yourself a nice temple massage. You can rub a little on your wrists for a nice calming perfume.

2. Lavender bath. Put a few drops of lavender in a nice warm bath. Maybe add some epsom salt in as well. Epsom salt has been proven to help with arthritis, bruises, sprains, fibromyalgia, insomnia, sore muscles etc.

3. Lavender scented candle. What is more relaxing than walking into a nice, clean room that smells of lavender?! My body just immediately relaxes. I, also, have a lavender candle in my office that I keep lit whenever I am doing work to calm my nerves.

4. Lavender eye pillow. Whenever I have a difficult time falling asleep, I reach into my night stand and pull out my lavender eye pillow. Many people might know these from yoga but they are great for every day use. Here are some benefits from using one:

1. Help restless minds to fall asleep

2. Calm down a restive mind

3. Promote relaxation and comforts

4. Provide soothing and light pressure

5. Aroma-therapy with such pillows slows the activity of nervous system

6. Improve sleep quality

7. Soothe mood in people suffering from sleep disorders

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5. Lavender linen spray. A few sprays of this on your pillow before going to bed will have you sleeping like a baby!



So let's all try to stay calm this season. Just breath, take a lavender bath with your lavender scented candles, lie down on your lavender scented linens,  place your lavender eye pillow gently on top of your closed eyes and relax! Instead of thinking about what pie to make or what present to give, think about everything that you have been blessed with in your life and dwell on that.. not the stressors.


Lisa Catherine