What Holistic Health Means To Me...

Hi! I am so happy you decided to take a look at my page! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Lisa Kenny. I decided to take ahold of my health a few years ago when I realized that my life was slipping away from me and I had to do something about it. I was in college when I developed a very unhealthy relationship with food and eventually developed an eating disorder (Ed). Ed came along due to a whole slew of life circumstances such as stress, career, unhealthy relationships etc. Ed was the only thing that I felt I had control over in my life. After a few years of unhappiness I sought help. It took years of breaking my unhealthy habits with food and changing certain life circumstances to get me to where I am today. I am now Ed free and living my life to the fullest every day, knowing that God has only given me this one life and I better cherish it. I have learned how to eat healthy and intuitively, I have gotten back in touch with my spirituality, I married the man of my dreams,  I am a mother to a perfect little boy, I have discovered several forms of exercise that I thoroughly enjoy, I am exploring and conquering a career that I love.

If I hadn't been taught to look at my health in a holistic way, I would not be where I am today. Health is not just eating the right food. Everything that you are and what you do, ultimately decides your health. In my case, my relationships and career were leading me down a road of complete unhealthiness. I needed to take a step back and really focus on making sure everything I have control over in my life would lead me to happiness. That is how I got here. I became a certified holistic health coach to help women that are struggling just as I was.
I always say that being a mother is the hardest job and I look up to each and every woman out there that is one. However, being a mother does not mean that you need to neglect your own needs. Let me help you find a balance between family, food, fitness, work and any other craziness you may have in your life. It is possible! Don't feel defeated! If you don't like something, fix it! Life is way to short to be unhappy. You may feel lost now but, trust me, you deserve to live the healthiest and happiest life you can! I am here to help you live beyond anything that you feel is tying you down and enabling you to be the healthiest and happiest person that you want to be. Lets work together to live beyond those unhealthy relationships with food, that job your dread going to every day, those daily excuses you tell yourself in order to get out of exercising. Lets work together to achieve ultimate, real and everlasting happiness. 

Happiness is the highest form of health.
— Dalai Lama